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We have a dedicated team at our HQ who are always available for technical advice and support – Monday to Friday. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform is designed in a way that is simple and straight forward to use. Simply log on to our portal from a PC and fill in our pre-populated fields with your site content and general information. Once your information has been uploaded, your business will go live within 24 hours.

If you would like to purchase our Visitor App, just book a demo and our team will take you through all the options to find the best product that will fit your business.

We have built this software specifically for the visitor attraction and museum sector. If you want to attract additional visitors and improve their experience, then you are a perfect fit.

Our team have done most of the hard work in advance. You just need to identify key points of interests or “Hotspots” and gather content from video, audio, pictures or written stories in relation to these hotspots. This means, that you can simply create a hotspot, number it, upload your content and that’s it. We manage the rest.

Once content is uploaded to our platform, we will be notified by email. Once reviewed, it is published and live within 24 hours.

Yes, our team can help and assist you along this journey. Book a demo and we will walk you through the next steps.

We have different support packages available. Book a demo and we will discuss what package is suitable for each site. We can schedule a free virtual conference call with your team to get everyone on board. After that, we are happy to take telephone calls or email queries from you. We also have additional paid supports such as site visits to map out your visitor journey. We can also create new content and write everything you need for your site.

Yes, you can organise a site visit with one of our team. Simply book a demo and we can assess your requirements. We love visiting new and interesting places.

We have 3 core offerings and charge a small fee on an annual basis. Book a demo to determine which package is best for you.

You will have complete access to your web portal and can update and change your details at anytime.

Yes, we offer 3 different pricing tiers. We believe that our technology should be available for everyone, even the smallest business. As your attraction or museum needs grow, we grow with you. If you are a larger attraction or museum, we have additional levels that focus on retail sales, food & beverage sales and unique site features.

Outside of knowing how to use Microsoft Word, you do not need any technical or digital skills. Simply use the upload function to bring your sites content to life and Microsoft Word to write up some of your key details for visitors to view. Our pre populated fields will guide you.

Yes, our team will review your content to ensure that it meets all the minimum standards prior to publishing.

The Destination Guide is another element of our offering where we list everything that is available to see and do. Log on to Admin | Great Visitor Experiences to register and sign up to list your business for free.

Our National Destination Guide is FREE. Its our way of giving back to the sector. Simply sign up to register and upload your details. By adding our paid “Hotspot” module (optional) to your attraction or museum, you can transform how you attract and engage visitors in-destination.

Yes, you can enable our ticketing inventory module and booking engine as part of our Free National Destination Guide set up. Its simple to sign up and get going and there are no set up fees for your business.

Our key difference is that we actively promote your site to visitors in-destination. We have created a unique visitor engagement tool that links businesses and visitors together. We inform them of all the great things to see and do, while they are in location via push notifications. By adding a booking platform to our destination guide, it provides a powerful platform that goes beyond a simple booking engine.

If you already have online ticketing set up with another provider, our platform can still be used to sell tickets. Simply upload the number of tickets for sale and we do the rest. Consider us another sales channel that actively targets visitors that are already nearby.

Simply register your business directly on and follow the guided steps. It’s a really easy process. Fill in your details such as, prices for each category, number of tickets you want to sell per month and we do the rest.

We enable you to discount tickets in many ways from providing you a unique discount code to use with your promotions, to allowing you to discount off-peak slots and advanced discounted ticket sales. We have all the tools to increase your direct sales.