Key Features

Simple to use, ready to go technology for visitors & experience providers

Key Features
Key Features for destination providers

Mobile First Experience
Mobile first experience

Digitisation of all your consumer touch-points & key business processes to create a complete mobile first visitor experience.

Key Storytelling
Key Storytelling Hotspots & Content

Your dedicated section within our App tells your story beyond what a visitor can see in a language of their choice.

Providers also have access to
Push notifications
Targeted promotions to upsell or cross sell opportunities based on visitor profiles & segmentation
Business Clustering
Localised business clustering & advertising with other in-destination providers
Real Time Data
Customer exit surveys and real time data on visitor trends, behaviour & on-site reporting
GPS Mapping
GEO location data insights & trends available through intuitive dashboards
Key features for Visitors
Multilingual Content
Destination content is transcribed and made available in up to 10 languages
In-Destination Promotions
Targeted promotions through push notifications, mobile ticketing & in-app notifications
Destination Content
Storytelling Hotspots integrating unique site content and points of interest
Visitor Messaging
Immediate access to real time communications and key visitor information
Tell a more memorable story.
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