How it works

Our Visitor App, coupled with our powerful platform and booking engine, will engage customers & drive business results.

How It Works
How it works

Management Platform
Visitor App Management Platform

Create a customer journey that offers the visitor a start, middle & end to their visit whilst highlighting key stories, promotions, must see elements of your site, all in their native language.

Management Dashboards
Intuitive Management Dashboards

Equip teams with rich data on visitor behaviour and activity trends via a management dashboard to inform decision making & drive new revenues.

How it works for providers
Simply upload your sites details to our cloud platform. No technical skills required.
End to end solution from content management, data analysis and e-ticketing
Direct communication & engagement tool to engage visitors in real time
Provides a voice for the customer, enabling direct feedback to management
How it works for visitors
Free App download for visitor, only requiring WIFI to download content at the start
Unique site content available in their native language with storytelling hotspots
Personalised offers through push notifications & in-app promotions
Features all there is to see & do based on their location and likes or dislikes
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