How it works

Our Generative AI Itinerary shortens your visitors decision making process, offering a best-in-class visitor journey, and seamlessly integrating all tourism related aspects of your destination.

How It Works
How it works

Management Platform
Generative AI Itinerary

This tool empowers DMO’s to leverage personalisation, targeted offers, convenience, and social proof to upsell paid experiences, accommodation & food and beverage offerings. By understanding the visitors preferences and providing valuable suggestions, it can enhance the overall trip experience while increasing revenue for the service provider.

Management Dashboards
Intuitive Marketing Dashboard

The system gathers user data for your internal CRM, enabling personalised messages and marketing campaigns for upselling and cross-selling the destination.

How it works for DMO's
Enabling visitors to curate real time itineraries to align with their unique requirements
Direct booking integration reduces third-party reliance, supporting local revenue
Leverage customer data for keeping visitors in destination for longer spending more money
Promote local businesses and events boosting community engagement in tourism
How it works for visitors
Tailored suggestions match visitor interests, ensuring discovery of relevant activities
Access to exclusive or time-sensitive experiences enhances trips with unique opportunities
Direct bookings enables visitors to streamline all of their reservations
Instant updates and promotions helps visitors to capitalise on last-minute opportunities
We also provide a White Label Destination Visitor App designed to engage in-destination visitors.
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